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What our clients think

“I spent ages trawling through high street jewellers trying to find something in my price range that wasn’t just another standard engagement ring. But after five minutes in Taj Jewels the staff found me just what I needed, and right on my budget. And she said yes!”

John Armitage

“We designed our own wedding bands for our ceremony, using the insight offered by Taj Jewels to ensure they would be just what we wanted. And they were perfect – simplistic and elegant, but with just the right amount of design to make them a special part of our wedding day”

Michael and Wendy Crowe

“My engagement ring was my pride and joy, but two of the stones came loose and the other jewellers I tried just couldn’t fit them back into place right. But Taj Jewels came to the rescue – they used special techniques to cut the stones in order to make them fit perfectly into the mount. And now I can wear my ring everywhere once again”

Anna Johnson

“I have now bought two necklaces, three rings, and two sets of earnings from Taj Jewels. Each of them has been beautifully designed and perfect for wearing at parties and other events”

Tara Smith

“The best thing about Taj Jewels isn’t the rings and necklaces, it’s the service you receive. The staff are so polite and helpful, not like other chains where they just want to sell you anything they can. The staff actually listened to what I needed, and showed me just the right stones and design to go with my dress”

Jenny Brewer